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Cuvée des Hussards 2008

Disponibilité limitée

Named after the light cavalry of Napoléon Bonaparte, in which the soldiers were the first to use the art of sabring, the Cuvée des Hussards is powerful and expressive. This cuvee was elaborated from 100% Chardonnay coming from Premier and Grand Cru vineyards older than 40 years old. 2008 is unquestionably a wonderful vintage. Pictured gift box not included.

Cuvée des Hussards 2008 image 1

Ideal with

Seafood or grilled fish

Produit épuisé
Cuvée des Hussards 2008 image 6


100% Chardonnay


Tasting Notes

Very captivating and with an exceptional freshness, it can be served with oysters, seafood or ceviche.


Cuvée des Hussards 2008 image 4